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VetGuard Plus Coupons – Save $3.00 on VetGuard Plus

Save $3.00 on VetGuard Plus

Do you have dogs or pups? Well, now you can save a little money on VetGuard Plus. VetGuard Plus for Dogs is an effective and easy product to use. Prevention is always easier, safer, and less expensive than treating a disease once it’s become established in your pet. Use VetGuard Plus for Dogs monthly to kill and repel fleas and ticks.

This product has demonstrated greater than 92 percent control of fleas within one day of application. VetGuard Plus prevents eggs from fleas on treated dogs from developing into biting adults for up to 4 months. As with all flea and tick control products, VetGuard Plus should be used as part of a program aimed at reducing flea populations in the dog’s environment (bedding, carpets, kennel, yars). Consult your veterinarian, entomologist, or retailer for program recommendations. Make sure that you take advantage of this great deal on VetGuard Plus!

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